Prim Dolls

Hannie Annie

 photo hannieannie1_zpsjarmgztz.jpg

~She is made from painted cotton.
~A crackle and antique technique was used to give her the look of worn leather.
~Her dress is the perfect Annie red.

 photo hannieannie3_zpshbp95jt3.jpg

~She wears a cotton underskirt trimmed with eyelet lace.
~Her bloomers are a coordinating blue.
~She's approx. 18" tall.

 photo hannieannie4_zpszghjv2hc.jpg


Caffeine Annie and Little Perk

annie1 photo annie1_zps208a5aa6.jpg

You know the look... It's the look you get right after your first morning cup of coffee.
Now you're ready to start your day!

~Caffeine Annie is made from stained, baked, painted and sanded cotton.
~Her dress is a precious golden yellow check.
~Her underskirt is cotton.
~Her bloomers are a coordinating print.
~She's approx. 19" tall.

annie2 photo annie2_zps9d0e0492.jpg

~Artist pencils and paint were used for her wide-eyed caffeine morning eyes!
~She has a needle sculpted Annie nose and hand stitched eyelashes and smile.
~Her hair is soft mohair.

annie4 photo annie4_zpsbd435472.jpg

~I trimmed her dress with soft lace.
~She wears painted Annie striped socks and Mary Janes.
~She has a heart painted on her chest because all real Annies do.

annie3 photo annie3_zpsf4959133.jpg

~She holds Little Perk, her wide eyed Annie dollie.
~She is made from stained, baked, painted and sanded cotton.
~Artist pencils were used for her wide eyes, eyelashes and smile.
~Her wild hair is soft mohair.

~Her dress matches Annie's bloomers.
~She wears painted Annie socks.
~She also has a wee heart painted on her chest.
~She's approx. 5" tall. (Not including her wild hair)
~They are signed and dated.